The Typical Dental Assistant Job Description

Typical Dental Assistant Job Description

In the office of a dentist, the dental assistant job description is easy to see. They have many tasks. These will range from direct patient-care and the taking of mouth x-rays, appointment scheduling and record keeping for the office. There can be some variation from state to state in the limitations of your spectrum of work. In most cases the workload is consistent for 90% of the job description for dental assistants.

What are the Core Duties in the Dental Assistant Job Description?

The core duties in the job description are listed below:

Common Duties of the Dental Assistant
Prepare patients for their respective procedures and make them comfortable to the best of your ability
Sterilize all the office dental instruments
Prep work area for patient treatment (set out materials needed and tools to be used)
Help dentists Hand the instruments to the dentist during procedurews handing them instruments during procedures
Keep patients’ mouths clean and dry by using water, suction hoses and other dental equipment
Process any x-rays and then complete the applicable lab tasks under the supervision and direction of a dentist
Keep and maintain all records of dental treatments for patients and office
Schedule all the patient appointments for the office (answer phones in some cases)
Instruct the patients in proper dental hygiene after their procedure or cleaning
Work with patients on the insurance billing and payment.
Assistants who perform lab tasks, such as making casts of a patient’s teeth, work under the direction of a dentist.
In some cases, prep the necessary materials for casts of teeth or actually create the temporary crowns for patients.
Use customer service skills.

Dental Assistant Job Description

What is the Most Important Part of the Dental Assistant Job Description?

All working dental assistants carrying proper certification complete tasks on a daily basis, such as assisting the dentist with their procedures and keep the patient records accurately, but, there are four regulated tasks that assistants may perform. Of course this is depending on the state where they work.

Four Regulated Dental Assistant Tasks
Sealant application
Coronal polishing
Topical anesthetics application
Fluoride application

Coronal polishing is a procedure where you remove soft deposits from teeth such as plaque. This gives teeth a cleaner look and appearance. In the process of sealant application, a dental assistant paints a very thin layer of plastic over teeth that helps seal out any food or acid-producing bacteria. This will keep teeth from developing any cavities. The fluoride application procedure, is when you apply fluoride directly on the teeth of the patient. This is another anti-cavity measure for patients. In some cases and states they allow licensed dental assistants to apply the topical anesthetic to an area of a patient’s mouth. This is when they temporarily numb the area prior to procedure.

Now you Know What the Job Description of a Dental Assistant is!

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