Dental Assistant Salary Guide

In today’s allied health professions, dental assistant salary is at an all time high! We will cover the reasons why becoming a dental assistant is a great idea in today’s market, what you can make and even how to go about earning a higher salary.

Dental Assistant Salary

What is the Average Dental Assistant Salary?

The salary of a Dental Assistant varies depending on a multitude of factors including the specific industry, office size, location, years of experience and level of education to name a few. According to the latest government data from the bureau of labor statistics the average dental assistant salary is:


What is the Average Hourly Dental Assistant Pay?

Considering the same factors as mentioned above, your hourly pay as a dental assistant has the same factors that can effect it. The average hourly pay per is:



What is the Highest Dental Assistant Salary?

Working with data from and, along with, we see that dental assistants can make as much as $45,000 as a dental assistant! Now this depends on where you live, what your credentials are and what level of education you have achieved.

What are the Lowest Dental Assistants Salaries?

With the same data in finding the highest dental asst. salary, we found that the lower end of the pay-scale made Between $10.00 and $11.00 per hour. These positions will be in more rural areas that have a lower cost of living and are in smaller offices in most situations. As mentioned before the national average is much higher than that.

How can I Command a Higher Salary as a Dental Assistant?

The number one way to make more money is to be educated at the highest level available for the job you are seeking. That is for all careers. This is no different. After that, get certified. Then, look for additional certifications and get those. And then you will be on your way. Fast!

Overview of the Dental Assistant Pay Opportunities

Title – Dental Assistant Data from
2012 – Median Salary $34,500
2012 – Median Pay Per Hour $16.59
Is Entry-Level Education Demanded Yes – Accredited Dental Asst. Training or Online Training
Do You Have to Have Work Experience in a Related Occupation N/A
On Site Training N/A
Total Jobs in 2012 303,200
% Increase Through 2022 25% (Above National Average)
Increase in Creted Positions Through 2022 74,400

Seize Your Future and Get Your Dental Assistant Salary

With what we have covered you can see what it will take to make as much money as possible as a dental assistant. The pay is above the national average and is growing at 25% over the next decade too! That combination makes becoming a dental assistant an outstanding choice for those seeking allied health positions! For more questions about your specific state see our state by state breakdown and our other resources that are free and available in one click!

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